Posted on Tue, 17 Oct 2023

Optimizing Client Python Script for Efficient Data Usage

In today's digital age, internet usage is a critical consideration, especially for clients with limited bandwidth. We've taken a significant step towards optimizing data consumption by developing an enhanced version of our client Python script. This new version operates within a minimal data footprint of just 4MB per day, a great improvement over the previous version that consumed over 100MB daily.

When we launched this service, the fundamental idea was that a single client script could run anywhere, regardless of the operating system and Python version. However, the downside of this approach was the substantial amount of data being transferred. Unlike the older version, which relied on the HTTP protocol, our updated Python script leverages websockets to transmit and receive data more efficiently. This transition to websockets has drastically reduced the amount of data required for seamless communication, making it an ideal solution for clients with limited internet bandwidth.

Security remains a top priority in our development process. Despite the shift to websockets, the newer version of our Python script upholds the same robust security standards as its predecessor. We've ensured that Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol is implemented, maintaining data integrity and confidentiality during transmission.

It's important to note that the minimum Python version required to run the new script is 3.6. However, we understand that some clients may still be using older versions of Python. To accommodate them, the previous version of the client script will continue to be accessible and functional. This ensures a smooth transition for clients who have yet to update their Python installations.

For clients equipped with newer Python versions and are on a metered connection, we highly recommend using the new version of our Python script.